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Core Competencies

  • Out-of-the-box Thinker: My innate creativity, full grasp of multimedia, and bold ideas provide the perfect opportunity for forward-thinking that usher brands, organizations, and companies into innovative spaces.

  • Project Management: My work on non-profit campaigns, fundraisers and advocacy pushes demonstrate my ability to bring projects to fruition. 

  • Crisis Management:Working within unforeseen circumstances during a global pandemic to disseminate information and resources as non-profit demand increases for Detroit and the surrounding counties has sharpened my ability to focus, execute and exceed expectations.

  • Writing:My writing skills offer depth and understanding that's not only reflected in the variety of pieces written but is required for ghostwriting in multiple voices.

  • Interviewing: Having interviewed a wide range of individuals from various sectors allows me to connect and establish comfortability that brings forth depth and individuality without compromising storyline and focus.

  • Multimedia:My full grasp of multimedia aids brand reach and offers multiple modes to communicate and diversify messaging.

  • Social Media:My attention to detail and ability to prioritize, stay relevant, informed, and engaged while managing platforms simultaneously and cohesively is required for success.

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